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Shrika Realty have been Estate Agents since 2023. We are a Andhra Pradesh owned and operated company with the best reputation in Anantapuram.

Shrika Realty is your trusted partner in real estate. Whether you’re searching for your dream home, a smart investment, or selling your property, we’re here to guide you. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you navigate the dynamic real estate market.
Explore our diverse property listings, from cozy apartments to sprawling estates, in neighborhoods that suit your lifestyle. We take pride in personalized service, market expertise, and a deep commitment to your real estate goals.


At Shrika Realty, our mission is to be the guiding light in the world of real estate. We are dedicated to helping our clients find their ideal homes, make sound investments, and navigate the real estate landscape with confidence. We achieve this by providing personalized service, in-depth market knowledge, and unwavering commitment to their dreams. Our mission is to empower individuals and families to build their futures through real estate.


Our vision at Shrika Realty is to redefine excellence in the real estate industry. We aspire to be the go-to destination for anyone seeking expert guidance and exceptional service in buying, selling, or investing in properties. We aim to create a lasting legacy of trust and integrity, fostering meaningful relationships with our clients, partners, and communities. With innovation, dedication, and a client-centric approach, we envision a future where every real estate endeavor is a success story.

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